Don’t be late to the Feast of Olives!

Last weekend – we went to the annual Feast of the Olive’s at Ramekins Culinary School in Sonoma – a showcase of Sonoma Valley’s best chefs, best ingredients and REALLY good olive based dishes….when Eric Cain, my pr contact sent me these gorgeous photos taken by Megan Clouse Photographypost event – I totally regret arriving fashionable late ;(


Here are Dungeness Crab Cake with Black Olive Aioli made by Jeffrey Lloyd of Cafe La Haye,


and Chef Jeffrey Lloyd  also made this Rosemary Beef with Green Olive Tapenade
I did make it in time for the…Principe Parma Prosciutto, Heirloom Beets, Olive Pesto, Warm Goat Cheese, and Blood Orange Salad  

Besides the amazing food, wine and olive oil, it was the access to the chefs, wine and olive oil makers that impressed me most. I sat across from Bruce Cohn, of BR Cohn, who was on his way to New Zealand with his fiance. I think they were going wth the Doobie Brothers, Cohn has been their manager for over four decades, details got fuzzy after my second glass of his yummy Chardonnay. Or perhaps the fuzziness was due to Fred Groth’s tasty Limoncello di Sonoma, or the tasty wines from Imagery, brought by Kathy Benziger-Threlkeldof.  I do know that by the time, Liam Mayclem of Eye on the Bay lead the room in a round of “Hip hip Hooray” for the chefs, I realized that I should have been writing things down.  I do remember, great food, fun conversations and every table was sprinkled with recognizable names (at least names I see on bottles). 
I know there are better words to describe the wine and cocktails than “yummy,” “delicious,” and “tasty” … but I wanted to get this post posted 😉
Want to go next year,

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